Upcoming events for St John the Baptist, St Lawrence and St Dunstan’s Churches


Coffee Break Group at Wateringbury Church – 10.30am-12.30pm (But feel feel free to come and go during these times) 

In February we go back to meeting fortnightly starting with Wednesday 14th February



Walks take place on Tuesdays and alternate between mornings and afternoons. Everyone
is welcome, including dogs, so if you would like to come along then we will be
delighted to see you.

WALKING GROUP DATES 2024 (Further details of walks will be provided closer to
the dates)

(4th Tuesday of the month)

Tuesday 26th March 10am –

At 10am on Tuesday 26th March our walk will begin from the small free medium-stay car park just off the High Street of East Malling – this is not the station car park. The turning is clearly signposted opposite Brian’s Hairdresser, just to the north of the railway bridge over the High Street. From there we shall walk back to the High Street, and go down to East Malling church past the historic buildings and pretty stream in the old village. We shall take the path east from the church through East Malling Research Station past the experimental fruit plots, and cross Kiln Barn Lane to Broke Wood and the railway crossing. From Broke Wood we shall follow the footpath back beside the railway line and quarry into the open country around Kiln Barn Farm. After a short stretch of Kiln Barn Lane, we shall head west along the footpath back to Paris Farm in East Malling, from which there are fine views of the Downs. We shall then take the footpath that crosses the railway line and leads back towards the church, but we shall divert through the archaeological excavations by the allotment gardens and return to the car park. We are likely to see the walls of Roman buildings in the excavations. The walk will take about 90 minutes. It will involve some road walking on the footpath beside the High Street and on country lanes. The walk is almost entirely on the flat and the paths are generally in good condition. The East Malling car park is about 20 minutes’ drive from Mereworth.

Tuesday 23rd April 2pm

Tuesday 28th May 10am

Tuesday 25th June 2pm

Tuesday 23rd July 10am

Tuesday 27th August 2pm

Tuesday 24th September 10am

Tuesday 22nd October 2pm

Tuesday 26th November 10am
followed by lunch